About Us

teletech is simply the most powerful, easiest to use tool ever designed for the mental health industry. We developed this technology for three simple reasons:

  1. We personally understand the struggles of the millions afflicted with mental health related issues. Our research has overwhelmingly shown that clients re-entering their lives after treatment have a higher success of continued recovery when they remain connected to the clinicians and groups, with whom they feel safe and comfortable.
  2. We wanted to create a unique system with ZERO upfront costs or set up fees. teletech charges based on the number of clients who attend a group. So, whether you run three groups per month or 25 groups per week, the cost is just a small percentage of your increased profits.
  3. teletech allows you, the treatment operator, to provide the highest quality care and keep clients in YOUR trusted program through every phase of treatment.

How will my facility use teletech?

Every facility is different and will use teletech in different ways. We designed teletech to fill the void. If you do not currently have an IOP or OP program, teletech makes that possible, with ZERO upfront costs. If you do have an outpatient program, teletech allows you to offer a new service to your existing clients, making it easy for them to attend as many groups as possible, regardless of work, family, or travel schedules. We make sure every facility has the opportunity to provide care and support to each client for as long as possible.

Whether you are a six bed facility running two groups per week, or a two hundred bed facility running your entire outpatient program through teletech, what we earn comes only out of your increased profits. There are ZERO upfront costs or set up fees.

  • Offer OP level groups to every client who leaves your facility, moves home, or transitions to sober living
  • If you have OP currently, you can use teletech to hold groups for people whose schedules change, go back to work, have families. Or just as a way to offer a broader range of options
  • Use teletech to hold 1 on 1, OP, IOP or PHP sessions a client may have missed due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Your clinical team can lead groups from anywhere. You no longer need to keep the lights on or have staff and security on site to provide care for your clients.
  • Clients attend substantially more outpatient groups when they are given the opportunity to engage in groups remotely, on their schedule, from home, office or in the car.

teletech makes more than
you can make on your own.

One of the main keys to teletech's power is its artificial intelligence messaging system. When you enter a client into the system, you can enter a phone number or email for them and any members of the family you and the patient would like. teletech will send custom messages to clients, families and loved ones reminding them about group and send them the link for that group. Our system begins to optimize the messages by looking at when they were sent, when were they read, and when they were clicked on. The system begins to figure out the best time to notify each client to ensure the highest attendance rate possible.

No more reminding clients and following up. Our system ensures the highest possible attendance rate, notifies you when clients miss a set number of groups, and will email you attendance reports. You don’t have to think or worry about anything other than offering the best care possible!