What is HIPAA?

Most mental health facilities are not compliant with HIPAA guidelines. Not from a desire to skirt the laws but from a lack of understanding as far as what constitutes a truly compliant entity.

HIPAA Covers Two Basic Types of Organizations:

  1. Covered Entities: A healthcare provider who deals directly with clients and their personal health information (PHI).
  2. Business Associates:These are the service providers, such as teletech, that the covered entity may work with to help them conduct their business day to day, and who may come in contact with patient's PHI. Examples of a business associate would be companies like teletech, your phone service provider, and your email service or hosting company.

Is Your Facility Compliant?

For a facility to be truly compliant they need to meet certain criteria. First, they need to be 100% in line with the HIPAA regulations on how to handle their clients PHI. These are very specific guidelines that discuss how data is shared, stored, encrypted and managed. Second, they need to have a signed business associates agreement (BAA) with any service provider that they work with who may come in contact with their clients PHI. If a facility does not have assigned BAA from these providers, some examples of which were listed above in "What is HIPAA?" then by the letter of the law that facility is not compliant. We highly recommend all facilities read the below link and become familiar with exactly what being HIPAA compliant entails.

Covered Entities & Business Associates

Is teletech Compliant? Yes!

Our goal at teletech is to provide a service that lets facilities provide better care for their clients, while driving substantial additional revenue. All with no upfront cost or risk. Our mission is to provide a powerful and stable platform that handles all of the work for you. There is nothing to learn, no new systems to train your staff on. Nothing to remember or remind your clients about, teletech's staff handles it all. As part of our commitment to your HIPAA compliance, we provide BAA's for all of our facilities. We, in turn, have signed BAA's from all of our hosting and software partners whose services also fall under the HIPAA umbrella.