(So you don't have to)


HIPAA Compliant Infrastructure

We maintain a redundant, fully HIPAA compliant infrastructure to power your groups, stats, detailed reporting, and client notification system. Within just ten minutes, our team will sign you up, schedule your groups, and build your account for you. You simply let us know when you want to schedule your groups and we do the rest.


Custom Meetings & Reminders

Custom meeting room links are generated automatically, allowing your clients to connect with one-on-one or group sessions unique to your facility, with just one click.

Our custom built SMS and email reminders are sent to your clients and their loved ones, generating attendance substantially higher than the national average.


Detailed Reporting

You will receive custom automated reports notifying you of the start and end times of each session, who led it and who attended. No upfront costs, no set up fees or subscriptions. You are then charged a small percentage of your increased revenue, based on client attendance.


High definition video and Dolby Digital Voice
allowing for the best experience available.